Friday, October 12, 2007


The button bands (my first) are complete, and all that remains is to weave in ends, block, and attach the buttons. Quite exciting, especially since I learned a few new tricks at the end, including three-needle bind off and buttonhole-making. This sweater has more ends to weave in than anything I've ever knit -- I plan to wear it to a party next weekend, so I hope that will spur me on to the finishing.

A different purple in every picture, none of them correct.

My one frustration with this sweater is my yarn selection. I hope to talk about this more in-depth in my FO post, but the mohair in the Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre (Ravelry link) has had me worried from the start. My fears have slowly built up on themselves, just like knitting a item you know will be frighteningly enormous, but you just have to keep going. It's just so...fuzzy, and doesn't quite show off the cable as I'd like. I'm attempting to overcome this frustration with the mantra "subtlety." The cable isn't fuzzy, it's just a little subtle.

As I near the end, however, I'm getting itchy for a new project, with plenty to choose from. It's getting on toward the holiday season, and I'm thinking BrooklynTweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket for Mom. I've also got some of that Scottish Tweed to use up. For Joel's Hat, I'm thinking Jessica's Cashmere Ribbed Hat, the pattern having been given man-approval.

In other news, more funny keywords people have followed to my site: "How fast can a wild monkey run?" I imagine they were disappointed.

And -- we ate the sushi too fast for pretty pictures; but one day, I promise, that spicy tuna roll recipe.

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What I should be doing: Weaving in ends.

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Mary Lynn said...

The cable may be fuzzy but it is lovely. I really like the sweater. The color and pattern are grand. Truly grand.