Saturday, December 01, 2012

Three hundred words for "White"

In real time, we've moved into the house. We've replaced a furnace. We've unpacked some things.

But in blog time, we're just up to our paint job.

Questionable decisions had been made in the basement. The ceiling had been well-insulated, but newspaper had been stuffed in the patchily-insulated walls. And no one had ever waterproofed the cement walls, which were spalling in spots.  You learn all kinds of new words as a homeowner.

I was most pleased with the colors we picked for the living and dining rooms.

The master bedroom turned out a bit differently than I'd expected. I love the way the blue looks with the brown, but I haven't fully embraced the yellow ceiling.


But you can see how our spackling skills made a difference in the state of the un-replastered walls: