Monday, May 21, 2007

FO: Three-take Jaywalkers

Pattern: Jaywalker, in MagKnits, by Grumperina.

Yarn: Ruby Sapphire Yarn's Ruby Superwash Yarn, Nina Colorway.

Needles: Size 0 bamboo DPN's.

Time: Received the yarn as a Christmas gift, casted-off on May 3rd.

Mods: None.

Notes: I think I just assumed that I had measured my gauge at some point, and went from there. So these socks are a little...tight. Not too tight to wear, but they could be stretchier. I got to the heel of the first sock using the smaller-size pattern -- way too small. I began again, in the larger size, and didn't like the pooling. By the time I realized, on the third try, that the socks were going to be a wee bit small still, I had no other choice but to keep going.

I've worn them a few times, trying to get as much of them in before the summer hit. I love them, but oh my, the pooling! The pooling and I just did not get along. This project really drove home to me the idea of matching the yarn to your project -- I don't think the pattern or the yarn showed the other off particularly well, although both are lovely.

I also picked up a "farewell North Carolina" skein of sock yarn on my last trip to the Carrboro Farmer's Market (where Chapel Hill Creamery was sadly out of Carolina Moon!). Say hello to this little beauty, Three Waters Farm's fingering weight Merino, in Forest Floor. I couldn't help myself. I think this may be destined for Monkey-ness.

That's right, I'm leaving NC. Next week I head to back to the homestead in New Jersey, to finally fully move out of my parents' house. I spent my time after college traveling back and forth across the country, carrying only what fit in my Honda Accord. I should be there for a few weeks, catching up with friends and my favorite northeastern sights, as well as checking out all of those incredible yarn stores I've missed out on while away. After that, it's a blank slate. Maybe some travel, maybe to the northwest. At some point I hope to have a job -- but not too soon.

Amanda's meme to come!

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There's a great future in plastics.

I am alive, and still knitting, although that has slowed significantly with the events of the last few weeks. Although I finished the Jaywalkers on the flight west, little further knitting was accomplished on the trip (I made the toe of a toe-up sock, and even that didn't turn out so well). Starting a new project proved to require more thought than one afflicted with car-sickness can adequately give.

Pictures to follow -- Jaywalkers, the start of Kiri, and the near-completeness of the Urban Aran, at least. There's been one new yarn purchase, as well. Ooh ooh! And I've been tagged by Amanda, so I've got a good excuse to blog in the next day or so.

For now, I leave you with the FO that took me two years and a lot of sleepless nights. Woot!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for the northwest , and I can't wait to get me some salmon and some beer. One of the few remaining divides between the coasts is the beer selection; I sorely miss Black Butte Porter, Moose Drool, Mac and Jack... Yum.

I haven't quite decided what to bring along to knit yet, but I have been busy. I'm not finished yet (my weekly Grey's group may afford me the time tonight), but here's a sneak peak:
I return on Friday, commencement exercises on Saturday and Sunday. I'll see y'all soon.

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