Friday, October 19, 2012

Was it like this when we bought it?

So it's not like we didn't notice the imperfections. That upstairs window really needed some love. The ceiling in the living room had some imperfections. We'd want to repaint. The bones -- and muscles, and joints, and tendons -- were great. A new haircut, some make-up, maybe a good night's sleep was all this body needed to be looking her best.

Then we got the keys, and got inside. We started to notice more of her imperfections up close.


How many layers of wallpaper could there possibly be?

Maybe a facelift and some Botox would help.

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april2929 said...

Congrats, Jocelyn! I bought a 1926 bungalow a year ago, and yes it's amazing what you see after you get the keys, isn't it? Including windows painted shut...;) Still laughing about the beer box patch!