Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This new old house.

Hello, family and friends! Welcome to our new house.

We've made a bit of a mess of the place already, so I thought I'd start you off with the MLS photos so you could get a sense of how we first saw it.  See if you can count all of the area rugs!

You enter into the living room:

Which leads to the dining room:

Which leads to the recently redone kitchen:

It has three bedrooms -- two upstairs, one downstairs (the brown room). Collin will use the yellow room for his office:

And a funny little landing at the top of the stairs. I think this is going to be my favorite room once it's full of books, plants, and a basket of yarn.

There are two full bathrooms. The upstairs is entertainingly quirky. It's a recent addition -- you can see it in the front of the house, upstairs. It's about 18-20' long, and yes, that whole far end of the room is a side-by-side, completely open bath and shower.

There's a sunny, south-facing back deck. You know, for when it's sunny in Portland:

And a blank slate of a backyard:

It has its charms and quirks, and we discover more every day. Smartly-arranged kitchen organizers? Check. Friendly neighbors? Check. Rooms without electrical outlets? Check. Bathroom lights that turn on by themselves? Check.

Neighborhood feral cats? We've counted eight so far.

Welcome wagon or harbingers of certain doom? You decide.

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Kathleen Tutak said...

We will hope they are the welcoming committee, relatives of Kit from Rutherford Place.