Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am not my f****ing khakis.

Please excuse the reference in the title, but it's been my mantra for the past few days. (I actually curse with the best of them, more often than I should probably, but I thought perhaps I should avoid it in the title of a blog post). I wonder what Chuck Palahniuk would think of me quoting Fight Club on my knitting blog?

This is one of the things that is taking up a large chunk of my time these days:

Rather disgusting, isn't it? My entire childhood bed is piled two feet high with all of the clothes that I own (minus the clothes I was wearing when I took the picture, of course). In my defense, a rather large chunk of that is clothes I wore in high school. Since college I've been traveling around a bit, always with only what fit in the back of my '95 Honda Accord. I'd bring a large bag of clothes, and then fill it in whenever I got where I was going. So that's how I got here, with doubles and triples of pajamas and jeans, and about 40 sweaters/sweatshirts. So every day I work on getting rid of a little more. (Check out The Seven Things Project for a little inspiration).

1. New York City area yarn store adventures.
2. Job search/moving plans.
3. New knitting projects, plus progress on some old ones.
4. Spicy tuna sushi recipe!

Most recent podcast: Quirky Nomads.
Currently listening to: Mozart's Lucio Silla, K 135: Overture, on WQXR.
What I should be doing: Cleaning. Working out. Applying for jobs.

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