Thursday, April 19, 2007


My Master's Project is due in one week. Tomorrow is my last day of class ever. I'm working on half a dozen job applications. If all goes well, I'll graduate in less than a month.

It makes sense, then, to blame my lack of blogging on this:

That's TreeHugger boyfriend in the foreground for scale. (Not to worry -- only the tree was harmed in the making of this photo.) No electricity, no refrigeration, no hot water. For three days.

The Jaywalkers and my paper grow. Perhaps a post this weekend. The paper is due next Friday. I expect I'll be in no shape to blog that evening... but who knows, that might be fun.

Most recent podcast: This American Life.
Currently listening to: Cat Power, The Greatest.
What I should be doing: Editing a cover letter for a dream job.

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