Saturday, March 24, 2007

New spring growth

In good spring fashion, everything here is growing. I wake up every morning to the two large, bare windows next to my bed to gauge the day -- windy, wet, or warm. On Saturday, the branches were still bare. On Sunday morning, the canopy was covered in green. Lovely! Although I love the fall and winter, spring really is the best season here.

The knitting grows, too. I've made progress on the capecho -- those pentagons are addictive -- I've gotten five done (I seamed that one on the right up last night). With each additional pentagon I've been wrapping it around myself, checking the length, trying my best to keep the size in check. It seems to be working so far, as it looks like I'll need the full seven pentagons to get the right wrap-around width.

(Those stitch markers, by the way, are from Purl, the Penguin on Etsy. Love 'em.)

Not to be left out, the spring crop of lecture series has allowed for some Jaywalker time. That whole frogging thing to avoid the pooling? Yeah. That was a fair waste of half a sock, because that pooling wasn't going anywhere.

Ooooh -- and a squee update. Super fast shipping over at Fearless Fibers. Here it is! Look at that red! It's the perfect scarlet for a Rutgers fan at Duke. Now: what to make...

Most recent podcast: KEXP Song of the Day.
Currently listening to: Alexi Murdoch, Time Without Consequence.
What I should be am doing: Waiting for pyramids to build in ArcGIS. Grr.

* I don't actually like basketball, but I don't let that out very often down here.

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Devon said...

I came here to see if you knew of/thought of selling your wares on Etsy (having just discovered it because one of our creative directors sells some things on there), but of course, you already know.