Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FO: Knitty's Fetching

Knitty's fetching, by Cheryl Naimath.
Yarn: 97 yards (1 ball, less 3 feet) Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 003.
Needles: US #6 DPNs.
Cast On: December?
Finished: February 3rd, 2007.

I actually knit three -- the first followed the pattern exactly. The second two, well...

Mods: I cast on 40 stitches, 5 stitches less than called for, to make the gloves slimmer. I shortened the distance to the thumb (from 18 to 14 rounds), used 5 stitches (instead of 7) for the thumb, and lengthened the distance to the top of the glove (8 rounds of the rib, and 8 rounds for two cable twists). I've always thought of my hands as on the shorter side, but there was just no way that nine rows were going to make it from my thumb joint past my knuckles. No picot edge (I just couldn't make them work), and I made the thumbs much longer.

They are perfect for the walk to school with iPod, field classes, and the computer lab on days when the thermostat is set at 52 degrees Fahrenheit/11 degrees Celsius. I'm trying to train myself so that I can one day speak the measurement language of the rest of the world. Particularly Canada.

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Currently listening to: Cloud Cult's The Meaning of 8. Highly recommended. Learn about their eco- and social-responsibility
What I should be doing: Writing my Land Conservation in Practice paper/sleeping.

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leppardess said...

I really love how you extended it! That's exactly how I want to do mine :D

Thank you for sharing that *hugs*